#1 Minecraft Servers 2024

#1 Minecraft Servers 2024
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We are constantly changing features and adding new ones in effort to keep the experience fresh, so detail on this page may often change according to updates on our network.

Currently, this page is under construction!

MineTribes has been in development since December 2020, many thoughts and hands have been put into the creation and we are still thrilled to continue the journey.

MineTribes is not a single server, we have multiple servers linked together to make it feel like you are playing with everyone in a single server. When you are in spawn, you are on a whole different server than someone that is in their mine. We do this to minimalize lag and to hyper develop certain features. For example, our PvP areas are on native 1.8 versions to ensure the best PvP experience. Where as our mining servers are on latest version to push Minecraft to the limits in our constant breathtaking updates.

Best & Top Minecraft Servers

The premier Minecraft servers are distinguished by their extensive monthly player base and the highest number of votes. Our list prioritizes these top-voted servers, as they epitomize the pinnacle of Minecraft gameplay worldwide.

What is a Minecraft Server List?

A Minecraft Server List website offers a vast selection of servers for players to explore. These servers are categorized based on their respective game modes. To begin, visit a Minecraft Server List like this one, select a game mode, and explore the listed servers. Once you find a server that appeals to you, simply click on it and copy the IP address to join the Minecraft server!

What are Minecraft Servers?

Minecraft servers provide an excellent opportunity to connect with others and cultivate new relationships. They serve as platforms where players can engage in the Minecraft experience alongside a diverse community of global players. Whether hosted by individuals or companies, Minecraft servers offer a fantastic avenue to fully immerse oneself in the game.

How to play Minecraft Servers?

To access Minecraft servers, start by visiting a Minecraft Server List website such as ours. Browse through the available servers until you find one that interests you. Our website offers a diverse range of servers and game modes, all carefully curated by our team. Once you've selected a server, click on "Copy IP" and launch Minecraft: Java Edition. In the game, navigate to "Multiplayer" and then "Add Server". Paste the copied IP into the designated field and set the port to "25565". Finally, select the server from the list, and it will load up for you to join.

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