Official Rules and Guidelines 🚨

Official Rules and Guidelines 🚨
On MineTribes, we strive to bring a high quality OP Prison experience to our players. In order to do so, we ask players to follow our set of rules.

Failing to do so will unfortunately result in punishment! This is not something we like to do, so make sure you follow all rules accordingly!

We also ask players to use common sense! If you THINK it breaks the rules but it is not listed here, its best not to do so! Never be afraid to ask a Staff member about it, we're always willing to help!

Click here for allowed modifications

Chat Rules 💬

All players need a way to interact with others, but there can be some things that cross the line. These rules are enforced to ensure the safety and happiness of other players!

•  English Only in Chat.
•  No Spamming.
•  Avoid Inappropriate Language or Toxicity.
•  No Continuous Capital Letters.
•  No Racial Slurs/Hate Speech.
•  Advertisments are Prohibited.
•  No links in chat.
•  Threats are Prohibited (May result in Blacklist).

Gameplay Rules 🎮

This server is meant to of course be played fairly! Giving players unfair advantages will obviously ruin yours and others experiences. These rules are enforced to ensure that this server is played fairly and kindly!

•  Forging evidence will result in severe punishment.
•  Glitching/Exploiting is not allowed in any form.
•  Punishment Evasion is not allowed.
•  Boosting will result in disqualification and a potential ban.
•  IRL Trades (Items to PayPal) are allowed, but are unmoderated- if you get scammed you will not be helped by any staff members.
•  TP Killing is disallowed in any form.

Client Side Rules 👤

Players are of course meant to follow their own set of rules. Our server is best enjoyed when everybody is fair on their own! These rules are enforced to ensure that players are being fair to everyone.

•  Use of disallowed modifications is prohibited. (See above for list)
•  Any form of automation / bots tasks are strictly prohibited.
•  Any DDosing tools or IP Grabbers are strictly prohibited.

Punishment Durations 🕒

When staff are giving punishments, we go off of a specific system put in place. Although, exceptions can be made by Management to give higher punishment times than the ones listed here. However, this is generally what you should refer to.
Chat Punishment Durations:
Verbal Warning (if deemed useful), 3 hour mute, 12 hour mute, 2 day mute, 7 day ban, 30 day ban, blacklist.
Gameplay/Client Side Punishment Durations:
7 day ban, 30 day ban,

Remember, this is just a general list of things to go by! Always make sure to use common sense when playing on our server! Have fun!