We are hiring Staff!

We are hiring Staff!

Thanks for being interested in applying for a volunteer staff position!

You can find the application below, you will be required to answer every question truthfully. We will contact you once we review and accepted your application. After you have been accepted, you will be given some staff documents you must read and agree with then will begin an interview process. Interview process should only take around 10-30 minutes. We just want to talk to get to know you more, and make sure you are ready for your position.

We require a usual minimum 7 hours weekly. At an average of 1 hour each day. Staff who perform better than this will be acknowledged.

We take staffing very serious on our network to ensure that players are always dealing with professional and polite volunteers when asking for support. Most of our questions will revolve around making sure you are mature enough and do not have a bad background to staff on our server.

Staff members who excel in rank position, will be potentially offered monthly pay. We currently offer mostly part-time jobs for support staff, and sometimes full-time jobs with business competitive paying. Please note, that paid positions are not guaranteed and only offered to few. You must agree to an NDA when accepting payroll, more details will be explained once you achieve the position.

All staff members applying should have access to a computer that is average performance and has a secure Minecraft: Java account. We are not accepting any Minecraft: Bedrock exclusive staff members at the moment.

Helper application: https://forms.gle/NeMfJygm1znYRooE8