Staff Requirements

You MUST read all information below before applying or you will instantly be denied.

Notable Information
•  Your application MUST be detailed to be considered for our team.
•  You can only submit 1 application per 2 weeks.
•  You are not allowed to mention your application to staff members.
•  You must answer all questions truthfully.
•  You are not allowed to be staff on any other servers.
•  You must commit to the hours you stated on your application.
•  You must be patient while waiting for your application to be reviewed.
•  We only accept people that play on our server actively.
•  You must promise to not leak any information given to you by any staff.
•  Plagiarism on applications will remove your chances of ever becoming staff.

•  You must have a general knowledge of how to operate discord and Minecraft.
•  You must have no history of leaking personal information or treating another.      person very poorly.
•  You must have a properly working microphone.
•  You must be able to screen record above 30 FPS (Frames per second).
•  You must have a screenshotting software.
•  You are required to be AT LEAST age 14.
•  You must be an active player on our server.
•  You must have no major punishments on our network.
•  You must meet our playtime requirement (12h+ BEFORE APPLYING).

If accepted, you will be contacted by Upper Management regarding further information!